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Welcome to Mbalimbali Photography.

The name "Mbalimbali" derives from the Kiswahili language and directly translated it means "far far". It can also be translated to mean "different things".

Mbalimbali Photography lets you experience moments from distant places full of openness as well as different scenarios. It is my way of sharing just how big, beautiful and far my surroundings are and at the same time keeping it pure and understandable for all.

Mbalimbali Photography also offers photographs which are custom made for those who want a unique one of kind memory frozen in time for always. For further information feel free to email me on mail@mbalimbali-photography.com

Behind Mbalimbali Photography ... Taher Nassrulla born in 1987 in Nakuru, Kenya. I spent my childhood growing up from playing in the dirt in Kenya, to going to school in England and finally to walking through the savannah in Tanzania.

My motto in life is learning by doing that is why I consider myself a self taught photographer. I started taking photographs since the age of 16 and my interest in Photography has increased more and more. I spent two wonderful years in Munich, Germany where I had the opportunity to work at " Studio.R.Schmitz" where I learned a lot about the theory involved in photography. With a lot of new knowledge I returned to Tanzania once again to be in my accustomed environment just out in the open air and amongst nature to pursue my career in photography.

I learned a significant amount of things during my years from languages such as German and Swahili as well as many practical capabilities. There is nowhere else on earth where I feel most alive then in the Tanzanian wild it is from these positive opportunities that I am able to fulfill my goal, to give people looking at my photographs an idea about the things which exist amongst us all.

Come explore the world through Mbalimbali Photography.

"Visions from a far"

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Taher Nassrulla

Email: mail@mbalimbali-photography.com

Mobile: +49 1771889045

München, Deutschland